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João Paulo Cercal

Software Engineer at Spectrm in Berlin, Germany

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How to Create a Bidirectional File Sync using Unison

So if you came here I consider you already have a problem to solve, and you are familiar with unison. If this is the case, skip the introduction please.

If you don’t, then keep reading as it might clarify a few things before we get started with the how to use unison in order to create a bidirectional (two way) synchronization of two directories.


To simplify the understanding let’s imagine that you have two folders and you want both folders to be synchronized when an event happens such as a new file is created, a file got changed or even a file got deleted. You want both folders to reflect exactly the same state as a replica.

There are different tools available to achieve it given the situation mentioned before, but we are going to talk about unison today.

What is unison and how it can help us?

According to the official project unison is a file-synchronization tool for OSX (macOS), Unix, and Windows. It has common features being shared among other famous tools, however, there are several points where it differs, to mention a few of them:

  • It allows communication across different systems, like if you want to synchronize a Windows laptop with a Unix Server.
  • As it can propagate events on both directions unison shows up as a very useful tool for bidirectional files sync.
  • Unison runs in a user-level program, so you don’t need to have superuser privileges in order to use it.
  • The tool is completely free and the source code is available under the GNU public license.

Our problem

As I’m a big fan of automation so I wanted to write on my iPhone or iPad while out of home or even in a few moments where I can see myself with some thoughts while relaxing on the sofa. Because of that I bought last year the license of iA Writer for macOS and iOS to take notes of anything and at the same time make use of the markdown syntax. The problem is that all the articles from this blog are written down in Markdown files, there’s no database, but the git repository available on GitHub.

If you want to check the project out, please take a look into this post where I tell a bit more of the blog architecture and how I generate the final website through an integration with TravisCI.

The problem I had was that I wanted to save the articles content on my iPad, but when I was on the PC I wanted to commit the file to the repository and see how would it looks like in a preview mode of the blog post locally (before sending to production).

In order to achieve this, I decided that I wanted to sync my iCloud subfolder (the one containing all the blog posts synchronized by iA Writer) with one specific folder from the git repository ./content/posts/. And, it worked like a charm. Check it out how to do that below.

How to install Unison

On Debian based distributions you can install it by running the following command:

apt-get install unison

If you’re like me running it on OSX (macOS) I think the easiest way would be to install it by using brew:

brew install autozimu/homebrew-formulas/unison-fsmonitor
brew install unison

Note that on macOS if you want the watch mode to work, an additional tool named unison-fsmonitor must be installed too.

If you’re using Windows, I think chocolatey might be a good solution to stay on the command line side. I did not test it though.

choco install unison

There are also the pre-compiled binaries page which can help you to install it directly, but manually. Sorry. Check it out on

How to enable (two-way) bidirectional sync of two directories

The solution is pretty straight forward you only have to run the following command:

unison \
  -repeat watch \
  -copyonconflict \
  -prefer newer \
  -ignore 'Name {.DS_Store}' \
  "/Users/jpcercal/projects/" \
  "/Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/"

A basic understanding on what the command above is doing:

  • -repeat watch says to unison that we want it to watch for changes and to sync those changes incrementally as needed.
  • -copyonconflict -prefer newer tells that we want the conflicts to be solved automatically and that we prefer the newer version if it happens to occur.
  • -ignore as the name suggests ignore all changes related to the pattern 'Name {.DS_Store}'.
  • "/Users/jpcercal/projects/" is my git repository pointing to the ./content/posts/.
  • "/Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/" is my iCloud folder, allowing me to sync any content from the iCloud directory with my local dir.

-ignore could be interesting to you if you plan to sync a root folder of a project which usually has third-party dependencies like the vendor folder on PHP projects or node_modules on Javascript. For example if you want to ignore additionally both of them you can do something like: -ignore 'Name {node_modules,vendor,composer.lock,package-lock.json,.DS_Store}'.

The command above will start doing the synchronization of the files and it will look like this:

[email protected]: ~/projects/ (master ●●●)
→3 $ unison \
  -repeat watch \
  -copyonconflict \
  -prefer newer \
  -ignore 'Name {.DS_Store}' \
  "/Users/jpcercal/projects/" \
  "/Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/"
Unison 2.51.2 (ocaml 4.08.1): Contacting server...
Looking for changes
Reconciling changes
         <---- deleted    how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/25.png
posts        : unchanged file     modified on 2020-08-26 at 10:06:28  size 32672     rw-r--r--    : deleted
         <---- new file   how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/git-status.png
posts        : absent    : new file           modified on 2020-08-26 at 19:53:38  size 49486     rw-r--r--
         <---- new file   how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/ia-writer-blog-posts.png
posts        : absent    : new file           modified on 2020-08-26 at 19:49:26  size 178662    rw-r--r--
         <---- changed    how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/
posts        : unchanged file     modified on 2020-08-26 at  6:42:09  size 348       rw-r--r--    : changed file       modified on 2020-08-26 at 20:06:47  size 7503      rw-r--r--
         <---- changed    revisiting-the-layout-and-the-blog-project/
posts        : unchanged file     modified on 2020-08-25 at 18:46:23  size 9898      rw-r--r--    : changed file       modified on 2020-08-26 at 19:14:52  size 9896      rw-r--r--
Propagating updates
UNISON 2.51.2 (OCAML 4.08.1) started propagating changes at 20:06:50.68 on 26 Aug 2020
[BGN] Copying how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/git-status.png from /Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/ to /Users/jpcercal/projects/
[END] Copying how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/git-status.png
[BGN] Copying how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/ia-writer-blog-posts.png from /Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/ to /Users/jpcercal/projects/
[END] Copying how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/ia-writer-blog-posts.png
[BGN] Updating file how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/ from /Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/ to /Users/jpcercal/projects/
[END] Updating file how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/
[BGN] Updating file revisiting-the-layout-and-the-blog-project/ from /Users/jpcercal/Library/Mobile Documents/27N4MQEA55~pro~writer/Documents/ to /Users/jpcercal/projects/
[END] Updating file revisiting-the-layout-and-the-blog-project/
[BGN] Deleting how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/25.png from /Users/jpcercal/projects/
[END] Deleting how-to-create-a-bidirectional-file-sync-using-unison/25.png
UNISON 2.51.2 (OCAML 4.08.1) finished propagating changes at 20:06:50.68 on 26 Aug 2020
Saving synchronizer state
Synchronization complete at 20:06:50  (5 items transferred, 0 skipped, 0 failed)
Looking for changes
Reconciling changes
Nothing to do: replicas have not changed since last sync.

The script will be waiting for new changes to be synchronized if you want to kill the execution, then just press CTRL-C and the process will be stopped.


It shows the git status command and the updates that came from iA Writer after running the synchronization.

Git Status

It shows the iA Writer with the library of posts on the left and the editor on the right side.

iA Writer

I hope you now understand how to use unison for syncing two directories bidirectionally, if you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a comment or get in touch with me through my social networks. Obrigado! =)